Description & Experiences

We realize that to achieve development goals required a base of departure Forestry and orientation with a broad horizon and thorough about forests and forestry, which in practice covers aspects of utilization, koservasi natural resources of forests and land rehabilitation.

To that end, the entire chain of activities in forestry that we handle, we always strive for the third aspect of the Forestry Development; the Protection, Preservation and Utilization of mutual support can be implemented.

Referring to the strategic role and magnitude of the challenges in the sector of Agriculture and Forestry, Kwarsa Hexagon ready to provide solutions to problems and challenges in the field of Agriculture and Forestry is in the form of services:

  • Supervision of subsidized fertilizer,
  • Development Studies Center for Food Crop Production,
  • Development of Data Collection System for Agricultural Land-Based Digital,
  • Agriculture Infrastructure Development Study,
  • Study and Application of Soil and Water Conservation System Effective,
  • Empowerment of Farmers,
  • Study of Commercial Good Agricultural Production Facility and Agricultural Products,
  • Organic Fertilizer Development study of micro-organisms and Local Development;
  • Implementation of the Integrated Assessment of Agricultural Management (ICM),
  • Commodity in Development Studies In An Area,
  • Fisheries Study of Land Development (ponds),
  • Study on Improving Public Participation in Regional Reforestation Upstream A watershed,
  • Forest Conservation Planning in the Upper Basin,
  • A Study of Climate Situation in a certain area and Planting Calendar especially for Agricultural Not irrigated acreage,
  • Studies and Planning and Structuring Settings Pemolaan Forest Area,
  • Studies and Planning and Organization of Forest Utilization Settings,
  • Studies on the Protection and Regulation of Ecology Processes That Support Systems, Life Support and Rehabilitation of Forest, Soil and Water,
  • Study and setting of the implementation efforts and maintenance of Preservation of Natural Resources and Environment,
  • Implementation Guidance and Education in Forestry Sector.